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Pet Boarding and Daycare Services in Hico, TX

  • Safety is of paramount importance.  We maintain a healthy, clean, and flea and tick-free facility so your pet may play without worry.  Therefore, we require each pet be current on vaccinations as well as a flea and tick preventative.  If fleas or ticks are discovered on your pet, we will administer a Capstar tablet, the expense of which will be passed along to you.

  • Our facility is a free-play environment during the day, which means your pets get to run and play with other pets.  Dogs have free access to both indoor (air-conditioned) and fenced-in outdoor environments while cats (and other pets too, heck, we've even boarded a rabbit!) enjoy an air-conditioned indoor environment.  In the evenings, pets will catch up on their beauty rest in a private kennel.

  • Boarding pricing is per day and is as follows:​

    • Dogs - $25 with central heat and air

    • Cats - $20 with central heat and air

  • Daycare pricing is per day and is as follows:​

    • $15

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